Xuan Truong LE


Full name:            LE Xuan TruongKTHKVT_lxtruong
Title:                    Dr.
Date of birth:        1976
Position.:             Lecturer
Tel.:                    +84.4.3868.2525
E-mail:                 lxtruonghk@yahoo.com; truong.lexuan@hust.edu.vn



  • Doctor      2009   Fracture Mechanics/Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia) and Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan)
  • Master      2002   Modelisation and Computation in Mechanics of Continuum/ Inter-university cooperation program between Liege University, Belgium and Hanoi University of Technology, Vietnam
  • Engineer   1999  Aeronautical Engineering/ Hanoi University of Technology

Fields of interest

Aircraft systems, Fracture Mechanics, Aircraft Structure, Hydraulic Systems, Wind turbine

Honors and awards

2007: 01 the best paper award at “5th international conference on numerical analysis in engineering” Indonesia 2007.

Professional services

MC & organizer member of AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on New & Renewable Energy (2012), Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering (2014).

In charge of workshop & lectures in the collaboration with Mitsubishi Heavy Industry & Nagoya University at Department of Aeronautical & Space Engineering since 2009.

Courses taught
Undergraduate courses

  • Fracture Mechanics
  • Aircraft Systems

Graduate courses

  • Advanced Fracture Mechanics

Brief research background and working experiences

2009 – present: Lecturer at Aeronautical & Space Engineering Department, Hanoi University of Science & Technology

2004 – 2009: Ph.D. student at Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia) and Toyohashi University of Technology (Japan)

2002 – 2004: Lecturer at Aeronautical & Space Engineering Department, Hanoi University of Science & Technology

Remarkable scientific projects

2010:   Research on design and manufacture an experimental apparatus for wind-tunnel using for other aero-thermodynamics researches. Being carried out. Ministry’s project, Hanoi 2010. Position: member
2011-2012:   Research and manufacture an UAV which can fly following a preset trajectory.

Published books and reports

  • Zusman, Srinivansan, Dhakal, et.al., Low carbon transport in Asia: Strategies for optimizing co-benefits, book chapter: Quantifying co-benefits from low carbon transport in Hanoi, Vietnam (Lee Shipper, Wei-shiuen NG, Le Anh Tuan, and Hans Oern), Earthscan, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 4RN, simultaneously published in the USA and Canada, 2012.
  • Luque, J. Campelo, J. H. Clark, T. A. Le, et.al., Handbook of biofuels production: Processes and technologies, Woodhead Pulishing House, ISBN 978 1 84569 679 4, ISBN-13: 978 1 84569 679 5, UK, 2011
  • Lee Shipper, Tuan Le Anh, Hans Orn, Measuring the Invisible: Quantifying Emissions Reductions From Transport Solution, Hanoi Case Study, World Resources Institute, USA, 2008
  • Vo Nghia, Le Anh Tuan, Turbocharging the internal combustion engine. Vietnamese Science and Technology Publisher, 2008.
  • Robert JOUMARD, Michel ANDRÉ, Juhani LAURIKKO, Tuan LE ANH, et.al. Accuracy of exhaust emissions measurements on vehicle bench – Artemis deliverable 2. Inrets report, Bron, France, n°LTE 0522, 140 p, 2006.
  • Tuan Le Anh, Stefan Hausberger, Response times in instantaneous emission measurement; I 06/2005/Hb 20/2000 I680, ARTEMIS, WP300 – Task 3156, Graz, Austria, 2005.

Remarkable published papers

  • [1] LE Xuan Truong et al., 2007: Semi-Empirical Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor Calculation of PMMA Using Node-Based FEM
  • [2] LE Xuan Truong et al., 2007: Dynamic Fracture Analysis Using Node-Based Finite Element Method
  • [3 ]LE Xuan Truong, et al., 2009: Determination of Dynamic Fracture Toughness by a Hybrid Numerical-Experimental Method, International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering ICAME 2009, Malaysia.
  • [4] LE Xuan Truong, et al., 2009: A Hybrid Numerical-Experimental Method for Determination of Dynamic Fracture Properties of Material, 4th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics ICEM 2009, Singapore.
  • [5] S. Mihradi, I. S. Putra, T. Dirgantara, D. Widagdo, and L. X. Truong (2009): A hybrid numerical-experimental method for determination of dynamic fracture properties of material. Proc. SPIE Volume 7522-75224G (2009)
  • [6] LE Xuan Truong, (2011): Determination of Dynamic Fracture Properties of PMMA by a Hybrid Numerical Experimental Method; 3rd Regional Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Technology, Manila , Philippines
  • [7] LE Xuan Truong, Tadashige IKEDA and Niwa MASATO, (2011): Experimental Study on Thermo-mechanical Behaviours of a Ti 50.93%Ni Alloy under Various Temperatures; 4th Regional Conference on Mechanical and Aerospace Technology, HoChiMinh city University of Technology, Vietnam.
  • [8] Le Xuan Truong, Tadashige Ikeda and Fumito Nakagawa, (2014): Experimental Study of Residual Compression Strength of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) under Compression After Impact (CAI) test

Topics for Master thesis

  1. Calculation, designation and testing for a hydraulic powered steering system for transport vehicle
  2. Research on designation of a hydraulic powered brake system for transport vehicle and simulation testing for the designed system.

Topics for PhDs