1. dfeCourses taught
  • Turbomachines and design,
  • Pumping station systems and Hydroelectric power station,
  • Cavitation,
  • Micro fluid devices
  1. Fields of interest:
  • Optimization in design of fluid-power machines and equipment.
  • Cavitation: damage and application
  • Applied fluid mechanics.
  • Micro-machines
  • Renewable energy
  1. Education and research activities:
Degree Year of graduation/ time duration Field and university
Visiting researcher 2011 Institute of Physics 3, University of Goettingen (GeorgAugustUniversität Göttingen), Germany
Postdoctoral research 2004-2006 Institute of Fluid Science (IFS), Tohoku University, Japan
PhD of Engineering 2004 Machine Intelligent and Systems Engineering Dept., Tohoku University, Japan
Engineer 1995 Hydraulic Machines and Automation, HUST
  1. Brief research background and working experiences:

1995 – 2006  Researcher,  Vietnam Institute of Agricultural Engineering (VIAE).

2004 – 2006  Visiting Research Lecturer, Institute of Fluid Science (IFS), Tohoku University, Japan.

2006 – up to date: Lecturer of Hanoi University of Technology.

  1. Remarkable scientific projects:

01  A study in eficiency improvement of Savonious turbine’s design; HUST

02  A study of cold plasma effects, Institute of Fluid Science (IFS), Tohoku University, Japan.

03  A study of turbomachine design,

04  A study of cavitation applying in aqueus enviromental protection, Institute of Fluid Science (IFS), Tohoku University, Japan, 2005.

05  Ultrasound cavitation, Institute of Fluid Science (IFS), Tohoku University, Japan, 2006.

  1. Remarkable Published Papers
[1] Matevž Dular, Anton Žnidarčič, Robert Mettin and Trương Viet Anh, Dynamics of attached cavitation at an ultrasonic horn tip, Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Cavitation CAV2012, Singapore, 2012.

[2]  M. Shintani, VietAnh Truong, Y. Iga,  T. Ikohagi, Investigation of Deflector Effect on Cavitation in an Axisymmetric Gate Slot by Means of AE Measurement, Journal of Fluids and Thermal Engineering, Transactions of JSME, Vol. 77, No. 777 (2011) Series B, Japan, 2011.

[4]  Le Dinh Anh and Truong Viet Anh, A study of a new blade type for improving Savonius wind turbine’s efficiency by means of CFD tool,  Proc. of The 5th AUN/SEED-Net Regional Conference on New/Renewable Energy, S3.03, 2012, pp.200 – 204.

[5]  Dinh Minh Hai, Do Thanh Cong, Nguyen The Mich and Truong Viet Anh, A  2D numerical study of flow characteristics in Francis Turbine Runner with Splitter Blades, Proceeding of 5th SEATUC Symposium, 2011.

[6] Truong Viet Anh, A study of Impulsive Pressure Distribution of Cavitation Generated by a High Frequency Vibrational  Probe, J. of Science and Technology, Technical Universities Pub., Vol.73B, 2009.

[7]  Ngo Sy Loc, Hoang Minh Duc and Truong Viet Anh, Nummerical Simulation Study of a 3D Flow Characteristics Around a Stationary-Wing Dragonfly Model, reported, Proc. of AUN/ Seed-Net Regional Workshop on Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering, July 2008, ITB, Indonesia.

[8]  Đo Thanh Cong, Bui Tuan Dat and Truong Viet Anh, A  CFD Study in the Design of a Micro Axial Flow Pump: On the Effects of Impeller Blade Number Z, Proceeding of 5th SEATUC Symposium, 2011.

[9]  Viet Anh Truong,   H. Iwabuchi   and T. Ikohagi, Application of Cavitating Jet to Improvement of Aqueous Environment, Proc. of the Second International Conference on Flow Dynamics, 21st Century COE Program, 16-18 Nov., 2005, Sendai, Japan, OS5-10, pp. 5-10.

[10]  Viet Anh Truong, M. Shintani, J. Higuchi and T. Ikohagi, Experimental Investigation of Cavitation in an Axisymmetric Rectangular Groove, International Journal of JSME, series B, Vol.47, No. 1, 2004, pp. 57-66.