Research fields

Research fields

  • Apply specialized software on research, design and calculation of automobiles, dynamics of parts and systems, dynamic shock and aerodynamics,
  • Study on electronic  and automatic control systems for automobile,
  • Modeling and optimizing IC. Engines using advanced simulation tools (e.g. AVL-Boost, AVL-Excite, AVL-Fire). Study on spray, mixture formation, combustion and emission formation using Indicating & Visioscope. Conduct experiments on AVL engine test-beds and chassis dynamometers,
  • Study on alternative fuels (e.g. LPG, CNG, bioethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen) and fuel additives,
  • Study on Emissions and fuel consumption reduction measures for vehicles,
  • Hydraulic machines and automation, manufacturing hydraulic equipments, models of small aircrafts, develop software for aerodynamics and aircraft’s engines evaluation,
  • Simulation for erosion flow, stability calculation for ships and flying objects; exploitation of advanced design and simulation tools such as AUTOSHIP, FLUENT, CATIA,
  • Design and manufacture education equipments.