Research Projects

Research Projects

International Projects(1)

Title Year
  1. Numerical – Experimental combined aerospace design tool development, funded by AUN/SEED-Net
  1. Simulation-aided-aerospace engineering design methodology in Asia international network, bi-lateral collaboration research project with Japan
  1. Numerical – Experimental Combined Aerospace Design Tool Development – Apply for design and manufacture UAV ejecting pesticide (CRI project covered by AUNSEET-NET)


Government funded Projects (5)

Title Year
  1. Development of a bioethanol injection suppying system to automotive and motorbike engines of Flex Fuel Vehicles (FFV)
  1. Hydrogen rich gas production by catalytic reforming of gasoline to supply to the spark ignition engines aiming higher engine efficiency and emission reduction
  1. Design and prototype an ABS system for pneumatic brake of automobiles assembled in Vietnam
  1. Design and manufacture 15-20kW wind turbine
  1. Study, Design and Fabrication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle flying following a given orbit
01/2012 – 12/2012
  1. Research, design and manufacture control systems with the integration of object-oriented technology (MDA & RealTime UML) and navigation units (INS/GPS) for autonomous underwater vehicles
01/2012 – 12/2012
  1. Study on improving fuel consumption economy and emission reduction for spark ignition engine by providing hydrogen rich gas mixture to engine
01/2012 – 12/2012
  1. Research on the compatibility of old generation gasoline engines with ethanol-gasoline blended fuels
  1. Assessment of current biodiesel production technology and conducting field tests for biodiesel fuel based cat-fished oil, contribution to process of completion of biodiesel standard in Vietnam

Projects funded by Hanoi People’s Committee (4)

Title Year
  1. Study, design and fabrication of bead breaker used for aircraft maintenance.
  1. Research on exhaust emission reduction for diesel buses in Hanoi
  1. Developing a real world driving cycle for exhaust emissions and fuel consumption measurements for motorcycles in Hanoi and set of emission factors for motorcycles
  1. Study, design, and manufacture automatic light-density measurement equipment using method of rotating mirror.

Projects funded by Ministry of Education and Traning (17)

Title Year
Study, design, and manufacture propulse system for miniature sub-marine 01/2012-12/2013
Study on design and manufacture an experimental apparatus for wind-tunnel using for other aero-thermodynamics researches 01/2011-12/2012
Calculation, design and fabricate a miniature sub-marine scaled 1:5 01/2010-12/2011
Research, design and prototype a braking process control system for automobiles tending better stability 01/2010-12/2011
Research, design and fabricate an experimental model of closed type aeronautical wind-tunnel 01/2010-12/2011
A Method of Model-Driven Architecture to Develop Industrial Hybrid Dynamic Systems – Application to the Automatic Ship Steering System based on Determined Programming 01/2010-12/2011
Develop electronic fuel injection system for in-used motorcycles for fuel consumption and exhaust emission reduction 01/2009-12/2010
LPG/diesel dual fuels retrofit for in-used conventional diesel engines 01/2009-12/2010
Optimization of aerodynamic profile of buses manufactured in Vietnam 01/2009-12/2010
Calculate, design and fabricate the lifeboat operating in shallow water or in marsh 01/2009-12/2010
Study, design, and manufacture control and remote monitoring system for ship engine 01/2009-12/2010
Study and suggest a linking model for laboratories in technical university 01/2009-12/2010
Study, design and manufacture cleaning industrial pipes system robot 01/2008-12/2009
Study and design valve outputting concave jet 01/2008-12/2009
Study, design and manufacture remote control aircraft 01/2006-12/2008
Study and manufacture 3 components aerodynamic weight for wind-tunnel 01/2009-12/2010
Study on technology, calculate and design axial mini-pump applied for health service 01/2008-12/2009


University projects (19)

Title Year
Study and fabricate alpha-type Stirling engine model 2014
Study on modification of the fifth wheel of the trailer 2014
Experimental study on development of control parameters for combustion process of commonrail diesel engine fueled with Biodiesel 2014
Design and computer-based examination for city car 2014
Design and manufacture control panel for attach angle of 2Kw wind turbine 2014
Study on effect of environment on operating characteristic of anchor system 2014
Simulation for cavitation flow in ship propulse system 2014
Simulation for flow around ship with injection of bubbles at hull bottom 2014
Study, design and fabricate airplane model using dual-engine for operations in both horizontal and vertical direction 2014
Study and design hovercraft for traveling purpose 2014
Study, design, and manufacture wind turbine using dual-propeller powering up to 50Kw 2014
Study on a experimental model combining electrical and internal combustion engines 2014
Experimental study on exhaust emission behaviors and required intake air characteristics of a propulse engine located in close room 2014
Study and design data collection system and on-land control for autonomous underwater vehicles. 2014
Theoretical and experimental studies for octo-rotor 2014
Study, design and manufacture safety-guarantee system for intelligent airplane 2014
Manufacture mobile transceiver station for transferring and controlling UAV and AUV 2014
Develop software for real-time controlling pilot system of AUV using oriented technology 2013
Study, design, and manufacture control module for AUV motor 2013
Design and manufacture anti-noise box for controlling circuit panel  of miniature UAV 2013
Study and suggest control model for driving power of electric car integrated 4 independent driving wheels 2013
Manufacture airplane model  utilizing environmental composite material 2012
Study shell structure of miniature sub-marine under effect of hydrodynamic forces. 2012
Convert gasoline engine into compressed natural gas engine 2012
Study on application of diesel/syngas dual-fuel in diesel engine AVL 5402 2012
Optimization of advanced fuel injection timing of diesel engine AVL 5402 fueled with biodiesel B20 2012
Study on combining driving powers of hybrid-car. 2012
Study and design solar tower applying in Vietnam industrial manufacture. 2012
 Study, design and manufacture experimental system for horizontal wind-turbine. 2012
Study on unmanned solar-powered airplane 2012
 Examining hydrodynamic characteristic of high-speed underwater objects 2012
Examine effect of  two phases (gas, fluid) flow in reducing ship resistance 2012
Design and manufacture producing cavitation device for ship model. 2012
Study on utilizing redundant energy of electric power industry for  public transport 2012
Study on development of an electronic throttle system for motorcycle aiming higher fuel economy 2012
Study on reducing resistance of cargo ship using control boundary layer method 2012
Design and manufacture experiment system for two phase (solid-fluid) flow 2012
Study, design, and manufacture ECU for EPS 2012
Study, design, and manufacture experiment system for membrane micropump 2012


  • Some recent Conferences hosted:


ID Conference Scope Time
Regional conference on new energy and renewable energy AUN/Seed-Net RCNRE2014 International 26-27/10/2014
Regional conference on new energy and renewable energy AUN/Seed-Net RCNRE2012 International 26-27/9/2012
Safran aviation conference National 10 & 11/04/2012
Conference on aviation techniques HUST – MHI – NU National 23/10/2012


  • Science and Technology Awards:


TT Award title Project
Certificate of top 20 products in “Innovatory ideas of HUST for youth” fair Emissions and fuel consumption reduction systems for automobiles and motorcycles
First prize, Student research activities fair organized by HUST, 2012
Second prize, Shell Eco-Marathon tại Malaysia, 2012
Design prize, Honda Eco Milleage Challenge 2012
Second prize, Honda Eco Milleage Challenge 2011