Research fields and technology transfer

  • Simulation and application of specialized software on research, design and calculation of automobiles, dynamics of parts and systems, dynamic shock and aerodynamics,
  • Alternative fuels (LPG, CNG, bioethanol, biodiesel, hydrogen); emission measurements and emission reduction measures, green house gas reduction measures; emission models and inventories; processes and phenomena of the IC. Engines, simulation and optimization of IC. Engines on advanced simulation tools,
  • Hydraulic machines and automation, manufacturing hydraulic equipments, models of small aircrafts, develop software for aerodynamics and aircraft’s engines evaluation,
  • Simulation of erosion flow, stability calculation for ships and flying objects; exploitation of advanced design and simulation tools such as AUTOSHIP, FLUENT, CATIA,
  • Develop Center for Consulting and Technology Transfer by implementing following ways: Design and manufacture education equipments, assessment service, training services,
  • Create research groups, encourage collaborative research, encourage potential of young staff,