Ich Long NGO


Name: Ngo Ich Long

Title: Engineerich long

Date of birth: 26/06/1986

Position: Lecturer

Tel.: 0982644109

Email: nasocahk49@gmail.com


  1. Courses taught

+ Turbo-pumps and ventilators

+ Fluid mechanics


  1. Fields of interest:

+ Computational fluid engineering

+ Study on surface vortex flow in pump sump

+ Study on multiphase flow, cavitation…etc.

+ Calculation and design of turbo-machines

+ Study on heat transfer of Cryogenic fluid and boiling phenomena.


  1. Honors and awards (only those relate to professional experience)

+ Third prize of scientific research student on 26th, Institute of transportation engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.


  1. Education:
Degree Year of graduation Field and university
Master 2013 Engineering
Engineer/Bachelor 2009 Engineering


  1. Brief research background and working experiences:

+ 9/2009-9/2010: Lecturer at  Department of Fluid Machines and Automation, School of Transportation Engineering, Hanoi University ò Technology.

+ 3/2011-3/2013: Master candidate at Changwon National University, Korea.


  1. Remarkable scientific projects (no more than 10 items):


  1. Published Books (no more than 10 books):

+ Handbook of Turbo-pumps and ventilators


  1. Remarkable Published Papers (no more than 15 papers):

+ “A Numerical Study of Cavitation Acting On a Propeller With 5500T – Seri B Ship“, The 4th AUN/SEED-Net RC MeAe 2012, 1/ 2012, HCMUT, Vietnam.

+ “A numerical study on vortex flow in pump sump”, KSME conference, Daegu, Korea, 10/2011.

+ “Flow Pattern of Surface Vortex with Different Flow Rates in Pump Sump”, KSCFE conference, Daegu, Korea, 11/2011.

+ Study on Surface Vortices in Pump Sump”, KFMA conference, Gyeongju, Korea, 11/2011.