Ngoc Loi LUONG


Full name: Luong Ngoc Loi
Title: Associate professor, Doctor
Date of birth: Oct. 10, 1955
Position: Senior Lecturer, Department of Ship and Applied Fluid Mechanics Engineering
Hanoi University of Technology
Tel: (+84) 4 38692501
Mobile: (+84) 913053992
Email: loi.luongngoc@hust.edu.vn

1. Courses taught

  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Shipbuilding Technology

2. Fields of interest

  • Hydraulic machines
  • Shipbuilding Technology.

3. Education

Degree Year of graduation Field and university
Doctor 1995 Hydraulic Machines for Mines/ Moscow Mine University – Russia
Bachelor 1978 Hydraulic Machines and Automation/ Hanoi University of Technology – Vietnam

4. Working experiences

  • From 1978 to 1998: Institute of Mechanics and Powers for Mine, Ministry of Industries.
  • From 1998 to present: Department of Ships and Applied Fluid Mechanics Engineering, Institute of Transportation Engineering, Hanoi University of Technology.

5. Remarkable scientific projects

  1. Design and manufacture mutil-purpose hydraulic drill GK-30 for mining.
  2. Design and manufacture double input flows pump B2-500 for Ha Lam-Quang Ninh coal mining.
  3. Design and manufacture mix water-iron oxide bump and hydraulic parts for mining.
  4. Improvement performance of hydraulic excavators of Quang Ninh coal mines.
  5. Design and manufacture, upgrade life time for xyclon in filtering coals by covering rubber method.
  6. Design and manufacture dust radian filter, upgrade dust filter system for product packing factory of But Son cement company.
  7. Design and manufacture dust reduced system by ejecting mix compressed air-water steam flows. (4 systems has been installed in Quang Ninh coal mines.
  8. Design and manufacture electric-hydraulic ships maneuvering system.
  9. Design and manufacture mini ferry P01 for Mai Dong, Hung Yen.
  10. Design and manufacture reinforced concrete for carrying fresh water for Ha Long bay management.
  11. Design and manufacture oil carrier ship for Ha Long bay residents.

6. Published Books

  • Applied Fluid Mechanics.2009, 2011
  • Ship Theory. 2009.

7. Selected papers

  1. Lương Ngọc LLọ, Nghiên cứu chế tạo bơm huyền phù bằng phương pháp bọc cao su, Tuyển tập báo cáo khoa học Hội Cơ học thủy khí Toàn quốc, 2003.
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