Khanh Duong TRAN


Title: DoctorName: Tran Khanh Duonga duong

Date of birth: 1980

Position: Lecturer, Vice head of department

Tel.: 04-38692984

Email: tkduonghut@gmail.com


  1. Courses taught:
  • Hydraulic Machines
  • Fluid Transmissions


  1. Fields of interest:
  • Hydraulic Machines & Automation Equipment.
  • Optimization of designing hydraulic control systems.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Electrostatic oil filter.


  1. Honors and awards (only those relate to professional experience)


  1. Education:
Degree Year of graduation Field and university
Doctor 2008 Mechanical Engineering – Toyohashi University
Master 2005 Dynamic and Control – Bandung Institute of Technology
Engineer/Bachelor 2002 Hanoi University of Science and Technology


  1. Brief research background and working experiences:


  • Team leader on research and develope Electrostatic oil filter.
  • Propose and manufacture of model of electrostatic oil filter.
  • Doing experiment and optimising the filter.
  • Propose new method for analyze natural vibration data to detect crack on a beam.



  1. Remarkable scientific projects (no more than 10 items):


  1. Published Books (no more than 10 books):


  1. Remarkable Published Papers (no more than 15 papers):
    • Khanh Duong TRAN, Yu KOJIMA and Hideki YANADA, “Measurement and Numerical Simulation of Flow and Electric Fields in Charge Injection Type of Electrostatic Oil Filter”, Transactions of  The Japan Fluid Power System Society, Vol. 40, No. 1, 2009.
    • Tran, K. D. and Yanada, H., “Fundamental Investigation of Charge Injection Type of Electrostatic Oil Filter (Effects of Mechanical Factors on Filtration Speed)”, Advanced Mechanical Design,Systems, and Manufacturing, Vol.2, No. 6, 2008.
    • Hideki, Y. and Tran, K. D., “Fundamental Investigation of Charge Injection Type of Electrostatic Oil Filter”, Advanced Mechanical Design, Systems, and Manufacturing, Vol.2, No.1, pp.119-132, 2008.