School of Transportation Engineering (STE), Hanoi University of Science and Technology, known as Faculty of Transportation Engineering since 1966, was set up in June 27th 2006 following decision No. 3236/QĐ-BGDĐT of Ministry of Education and Training. STE consists of 5 departments and one centralized laboratory. The number of staff is 71, including 3 professors, 20 assoc. professors, 27 PhDs., 20 masters and 1 bachelor; including 8 colleagues are currently studying abroad.

Currently, there are 1900 undergraduate students belonging 4 majors: Mechanical – Transportation Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Ship Building Engineering and Automotive Engineering and Technology, and one French – Vietnamese program for excellence students; 100 master students and 50 Ph.D. students.


Prof. Dr. Le Anh Tuan

Student’s activities are focused so that many achievements have been obtained such as successful organization of first autonomous car racing creation contest ROBOCAR 2008 which is well known in the country, organizing and co-organizing series of ship model design (Shipcom) and aircraft model design; several student groups joined and achieved precious awards from eco-car contest, such as: Shell Eco Marathon, Honda Eco Mileage Challenge. In addition, STE’s students always get honorable wards for annually Olympic national wide of fluid mechanics contest. In STE, research activities of student are also encouraged and STE students are always on top of HUST students in organization and exhibition of student research products.

Research and technology transfer are strong point of the school. Currently, STE is presiding over 4 state level research projects, 1 state level protocol project with Japan, 1 research project of AUN/SEED-Net, 1 fundamental research project of NAFOSTED. Besides, STE faculty members are also presiding over 1 university level research program and participating in many other research programs of HUST. Investigating, inspection consultancy and technology transfer activities are remained regularly to contribute for the global success of the school.

In short term 2014-2019, as HUST is gradually implementing independent policy, the school is facing many opportunities and challenges in which the human resource is a key point for any success. STE aims to foster the outstanding human resources, to encourage and support faculty members for their full capacity performance, to strengthen the relationship with universities in the region and with world-wide leading institutions. STE is expected to be the leading institution of training and research in the field of Mechanical – Transportation Engineering in the country, step by step to integrate into the region and the world.


Hanoi, December, 2018.