Office, Workshop & Laboratory

  • 7 offices with 282m2 area
  • 11 workshops, laboratores with 2960m2
  • Key Laboratory of Internal combustion engine.


  • 04 Test-cells for engine, cars and motorcycles (2002, Republic of Austria)
  • 02 Test-cell for passenger cars and light duty vehicles and for motorcycles (2002, Republic of Austria)
  • 01 Car brake test-bed (1982, Former Soviet Union)
  • 01 Wind tunnel 0.1M (2000, France)

Total value: About 5 million USD (Surveyed in Dec./2008)

Single cylinder research engine test-cell Exhaust gas sampling system
Vehicle chassis model Roller test-bed
Subsonic Wind tunnel Test-rig for fundamental fluid mechanics experiments
Test-rig for retract and extend of landing plane experiments Aeronautical and Space Engineering Lab