Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

List of staff

No Name Title/Position Image
I/ Internal Combustion Engine Department
1 Pham Van The Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  dongco_van the
2 Pham Minh Tuan Prof.Dr/Lecturer  Pham Minh Tuan
3 Le Anh Tuan Assoc.Prof.Dr/Dean of STE  Le Tuan
4 Hoang Dinh Long Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  Hoang Dinh Long
5 Khong Vu Quang Assoc.Prof.Dr/Head of ICE Dept  Khong vu Quang
6 Pham Huu Tuyen Dr/ Head of ICE Lab  dongco_huutuyen
7 Tran Thi Thu Huong Dr/Lecturer  dongco_huong
8 Nguyen The Truc Msc/Lecturer  dongco_thetruc
9 Nguyen Duy Tien Msc/Lecturer  dongco_duytien
10 Nguyen Duc Khanh Msc/Lecturer  Nguyen duc khanh
11 Tran Quang Vinh Dr/Lecturer  tran quang vinh
12 Tran Dang Quoc Dr/Lecturer  dongco_quoc
13 Tran Anh Trung Dr/Lecturer  dongco_anhtrung
14 Nguyen The Luong Dr/Vice head of ICE Lab  Nguyen the luong
15 Nguyen Viet Thanh Lecturer/Msc Student in Thailand
II/ Automotive Engineering Dept
16 Luu Van Tuan Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  luuvantuanoto
17 Nguyen Trong Hoan Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  nguyentronghoanoto
18 Ho Huu Hai Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  hohuuhaioto
19 Vo Van Huong Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  vovanhuongoto
20 Hoang Thang Binh Dr/Lecturer  hoangthangbinhoto
21 Duong Ngoc Khanh Dr/Head of AUTO Dept  duongngockhanhoto
22 Dam Hoang Phuc Dr/Lecturer  damhoangphucoto
23 Tran Thanh Tung Msc/Lecturer  tranthanhtungoto
24 Nguyen Tien Dung Msc/Lecturer  nguyentiendungoto
25 Pham Ngoc Toan Msc/Lecturer  phamngoctoanoto
26 Du Tuan Dat Msc/Lecturer  dutuandatoto
27 Nguyen Thanh Tung Msc/Lecturer  nguyenthanhtungoto
28 Le Van Nghia Msc/Lecturer  levannghiaoto
29 Truong Dang Viet Thang Dr/Lecturer
30 Trinh Minh Hoang Dr/Lecturer  trinhminhhoangoto
III/ Dept of Aeronautical and Spcace Engineering
32 Ta Thanh Liem Msc/Lecturer  KTHK_Liemtt
33 Vu Quoc Huy Dr/Head of ASE Dept  KTHK_Huyvq
34 Nguyen Phu Khanh Dr/Lecturer  KTHKVT_khanhnp
35 Le Xuan Truong Dr/Lecturer  KTHKVT_lxtruong
36 Hoang Thi Kim Dung Dr/Lecturer  KTHK_Dunght
37 Pham Gia Diem Msc/Lecturer  KTHK_Diempg
38 Hoang Thanh Tung Msc/Lecturer  KTHKVT_tunght
39 Dinh Tan Hung Dr/Lecturer  KTHKVT_hungdt
40 Vu Dinh Quy Dr/Lecturer  KTHK_Quyvd
41 Nguyen Anh Tuan Msc/Lecturer  Tuan_2014
42 Ha Manh Tuan Msc/Lecturer  KTHK_Tuanhm
43 Luu Hong Quan Dr/Lecturer  KTHK_Quanlh
44 Pham Xuan Tung Msc/Lecturer  KTHK_Tungpx
IV/   Department of  Fluid Mechanics and Ship Engineering
45 Le Quang Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  leQuang
46 Luong Ngoc Loi Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  luongngocLoi
47 Le Thanh Tung Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  LeThanhTung
48 Nghiem Xuan Giang Msc/Lecturer  NghiemXuanGiang
49 Ngo Van Hien Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  ngoHien
50 Pham Thi Thanh Huong Dr/Lecturer  NguyenThiThanhHuong
51 Le Thi Thai Dr/Lecturer
52 Hoang Cong Liem Dr/Lecturer  HoangCongLiem
53 Phan Anh Tuan Dr/Lecturer  PhanAnhTuan
54 Nguyen Dong Msc/Lecturer  NguyenDong
55 Nguyen Tuan Anh Dr/Lecturer  NguyenTuanANh
56 Luong Dinh Dung Dr/Lecturer  LuongDInhDung
57 Ngo Van He Dr/Lecturer  ngoHe
58 Pham Van Sang Dr/Lecturer  PhamVanSang
59 Hoang Minh Duc Dr/Lecturer  HoangMinhDuc
60 Nguyen Van Nghiem Msc/Lecturer
61 Nguyen Xuan Truong Lecturer
V/ Department of Hydraulic machines & Automation
62 Ngo Sy Loc Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  t loc
63 Nguyen The Mich Prof.Dr/Lecturer  t mich
64 Bui Quoc Thai Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  t thai
65 Hoang Sinh Truong Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  t truong
66 Hoang Thi Bich Ngoc Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  co ngoc
67 Do Huy Cuong Dr/Lecturer  a cuong
68 Truong Viet Anh Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  v anh
69 Tran Khanh Duong Dr/Lecturer  t duong
70 Do Thanh Cong Lecturer  thanh cong
71 Do Viet Long Lecturer  viet long
72 Pham Tat Thang Lecturer  thang
73 Tran Xuan Bo Dr/Lecturer  bo
74 Nguyen Van Bo Dr/Lecturer  V bo
75 Vu Van Truong Dr/Lecturer
76 Ngo Ich Long Lecturer  ich long
V/ Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine
77 Nguyen Duy Vinh Msc
78 Vu Khac Thien Msc  dongco_khacthien
VI/ Office
79 Nguyễn Thu Hà Cán bộ VP
80 Trịnh Thị Hạnh Nguyên Cán bộ VP
81 Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hà Cán bộ VP
82 Đào Chung Hải Cán bộ VP