Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Assoc.Prof.List of staff

No Name Title/Position Image
I/ Internal Combustion Engine Department
1 Pham Minh Tuan Prof.Dr/Lecturer  Pham Minh Tuan
2 Le Anh Tuan Prof.Dr/Dean of STE  Le Tuan
3 Hoang Dinh Long Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  Hoang Dinh Long
4 Khong Vu Quang Assoc.Prof.Dr/Head of ICE Dept  Khong vu Quang
5 Pham Huu Tuyen Assoc.Prof.Dr/ Head of ICE Lab  dongco_huutuyen
6 Nguyen The Truc Msc/Lecturer  dongco_thetruc
7 Nguyen Duy Tien Msc/Lecturer  dongco_duytien
8 Nguyen Duc Khanh Msc/Lecturer  Nguyen duc khanh
9 Tran Dang Quoc Dr/Lecturer  dongco_quoc
10 Tran Anh Trung Dr/Lecturer  dongco_anhtrung
11 Nguyen The Luong Dr/Vice head of ICE Lab  Nguyen the luong
12 Nguyen Viet Thanh Msc/Lecturer
II/ Automotive Engineering Dept
15 Luu Van Tuan Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  luuvantuanoto
16 Nguyen Trong Hoan Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  nguyentronghoanoto
17 Ho Huu Hai Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  hohuuhaioto
18 Vo Van Huong Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  vovanhuongoto
19 Hoang Thang Binh Dr/Lecturer  hoangthangbinhoto
20 Duong Ngoc Khanh Assoc.Prof.Dr/Head of AUTO Dept  duongngockhanhoto
21 Dam Hoang Phuc Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  damhoangphucoto
22 Tran Thanh Tung Dr/Lecturer  tranthanhtungoto
23 Nguyen Tien Dung Msc/Lecturer  nguyentiendungoto
24 Pham Ngoc Toan Msc/Lecturer  phamngoctoanoto
25 Du Tuan Dat Msc/Lecturer  dutuandatoto
26 Nguyen Thanh Tung Msc/Lecturer  nguyenthanhtungoto
27 Le Van Nghia Msc/Lecturer  levannghiaoto
28 Truong Dang Viet Thang Dr/Lecturer
29 Trinh Minh Hoang Dr/Vice head AUTO Dept  trinhminhhoangoto
III/ Dept of Aeronautical and Spcace Engineering
30 Ta Thanh Liem Msc/Lecturer  KTHK_Liemtt
31 Nguyen Phu Khanh Dr/Lecturer  KTHKVT_khanhnp
32 Le Xuan Truong Dr/Lecturer  KTHKVT_lxtruong
33 Hoang Thi Kim Dung Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  KTHK_Dunght
34 Pham Gia Diem DrLecturer  KTHK_Diempg
35 Hoang Thanh Tung Msc/Lecturer  KTHKVT_tunght
36 Dinh Tan Hung Dr/Lecturer  KTHKVT_hungdt
37 Vu Dinh Quy Dr/Lecturer  KTHK_Quyvd
38 Nguyen Anh Tuan Msc/Lecturer  Tuan_2014
39 Ha Manh Tuan Msc/Lecturer  KTHK_Tuanhm
40 Luu Hong Quan Dr/Lecturer  KTHK_Quanlh
41 Pham Xuan Tung Msc/Lecturer  KTHK_Tungpx
IV/   Department of  Fluid Mechanics and Ship Engineering
45 Le Quang Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  leQuang
46 Luong Ngoc Loi Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  luongngocLoi
47 Le Thanh Tung Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  LeThanhTung
48 Nghiem Xuan Giang Msc/Lecturer  NghiemXuanGiang
49 Ngo Van Hien Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  ngoHien
50 Pham Thi Thanh Huong Dr/Lecturer  NguyenThiThanhHuong
51 Le Thi Thai Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer
52 Hoang Cong Liem Dr/Lecturer  HoangCongLiem
53 Phan Anh Tuan Dr/Lecturer  PhanAnhTuan
54 Nguyen Dong Msc/Lecturer  NguyenDong
55 Nguyen Tuan Anh Dr/Lecturer  NguyenTuanANh
56 Luong Dinh Dung Dr/Lecturer  LuongDInhDung
57 Ngo Van He Dr/Lecturer  ngoHe
58 Pham Van Sang Dr/Lecturer  PhamVanSang
59 Hoang Minh Duc Dr/Lecturer  HoangMinhDuc
60 Nguyen Van Nghiem Msc/Lecturer
61 Nguyen Xuan Truong Lecturer
V/ Department of Hydraulic machines & Automation
63 Nguyen The Mich Prof.Dr/Lecturer  t mich
64 Bui Quoc Thai Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  t thai
65 Hoang Sinh Truong Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  t truong
66 Hoang Thi Bich Ngoc Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  co ngoc
67 Do Huy Cuong Dr/Lecturer  a cuong
68 Truong Viet Anh Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  v anh
69 Tran Khanh Duong Dr/Lecturer  t duong
70 Do Thanh Cong Lecturer  thanh cong
71 Do Viet Long Lecturer  viet long
72 Pham Tat Thang Lecturer  thang
73 Tran Xuan Bo Dr/Lecturer  bo
74 Nguyen Van Bo Dr/Lecturer  V bo
75 Vu Van Truong Dr/Lecturer
76 Ngo Ich Long Lecturer  ich long
V/ Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine
77 Nguyen Duy Vinh Dr
VI/ Office
78 Vu Hong Minh  Staff
79 Nguyễn Thị Thanh Ha Staff
80 Dao Chung Hai Staff