Viet Long DO


Name: Do Viet Long1
Title: Master of Science
Date of birth: 22/11/1985
Position: Lecturer
Tel.: 0986315489
Email: longdv-ite@mail.hut.edu.vn

1. Courses taught:

– Hydraulic machine

2. Fields of interest:

3. Honors and awards(only those relate to professional experience)

4. Education:

Degree Year of graduation Field and university
Master 2010 Electronics–Hannover University, Germany
Engineer/Bachelor 2006 Mechanical Engineering – Hanoi University of Science and Technology

5. Brief research background and working experiences: 09/2011 – nay 

6. Remarkable scientific projects(no more than 10 items):

– Studying, designing and manufacturing a test system of horizontal axis wind engine.

7. Published Books(no more than 10 books):

8. Remarkable Published Papers(no more than 15 papers):