Surface used: Three stocks building with 1300 m2 surface used

Test cells

1. Test-cell for passenger cars and light duty vehicles (CD 48”) and Test-cell for motorcycles (CD 20”):
Each test-cell consists of a chassis dynamometer produced by AVL-Zöllner and an AVL emission measuring system. These test-cells is able to implement vehicle performance tests for power, traction force, fuel consumption, and to conduct standard emission tests for CO, HC, NOx, CO2 emission factors following European, US, Japanese driving cycles.

cd20           cd48
CD 20’’                                                                                       CD 40’’

2. High dynamic engine test-cell for heavy duty vehicle engines (ETB)

etb            The test-bed is able to conduct experiments for engines up to 220kw power, in the range of engine speed from 2200rpm to 4500rpm. The maximum torque and speed of the dyno are 935 Nm and 8000rpm, respectively.
This test-bed is connected with Coolant Conditioning System 553, Oil Conditioning System 554, Fuel Conditioning 753 and many other equipments to ensure the accuracy of the measurements. Smart Sampler SPC472 for PM emission and CEBII emission test bench make it possible for Euro2 and Euro3 emission type approval tests for engines.
In addition, this test-cell is designed for engine performance and durability tests.

3. Single cylinder research engine test-cell (SCRE)

scr       The test-cell is equipped with an electronic dyno and an advanced single cylinder research diesel engine AVL5402. The dyno has maximum power of 39kW and the speed range is in between 3000rpm to 8000rpm. Beside the experimental conditioning systems, emission measuring systems, this test-cell is equipped with ECU open which can control via INCA software, and indicating system integrated in Indiset 620 and an endoscope VisioScope 513D.
This test-cell is able to conduct R&D projects on IC. Engines development, alternative fuels and so on.

4. Other equipments

disgas          Furthermore, there are also portable emissions diagnostic for idling tests or for in-used vehicles such as Digas, Dismoke, Smokemeter, and Opacity.
The Lab. also has a set of AVL advanced simulation tools such as AVL-Boost, AVL-Excite (Brick), AVL-Excite (Tycon) and AVL-Fire.

5. The advanced simulation tools



AVL-Fire (CFD)


7. Measurement and calibration tool for engine mapping

The system was financed by ECO RED project and is applied for internal combustion engine research and development. This system is capable of measurement and calibration in order to optimize the engine parameters, to build up engine map such as fuel mass delivery, injection timing, ignition timing, etc

Measurement and calibration tool

Modules in the system and specification are as below:

– Engine Control Module:

+ Microprocessor: MPC565, 56MHz,  Memory: 1M Flash, 548K RAM

+ Input: 30 Analog input; 4 Low frequency discrete inputs; 2 wide range O2 sensor inputs; 4 wide band knock signals.

+ Output: 6 3A peak injector drivers; 6 7A peak injector drivers; 16 TTL level ignition system outputs; 10 3A low side PWMs

+ Datalink: CAN, RS-485

+ Software included: compatible with Win 7, 32 or 64 bit, Matlab version 6.5.1 to 9.0 (R2016a), compatible with 32 bit Freescale microprocessors

– Development Harnesses that is compatible with ECU 565-128

– CAN to USB cables that can connect fast and are compatible with CAN 2.0 A và 2.0 B

– Key switch and 6-way Smartcraft hub are possible for 6 connetions and compatible with ECU and Development Harnesses