Faculty & Staff

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    Dept. of Internal combustion engine
1 Khong Vu Quang Assoc.Prof.Dr/Head of ICED Khong vu Quang
2 Le Anh Tuan Prof.Dr/Dean of STE  Le Tuan
3 Pham Minh Tuan Prof.Dr/Lecturer  Pham Minh Tuan
4 Hoang Dinh Long Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  Hoang Dinh Long
5 Pham Huu Tuyen Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer  dongco_huutuyen
6 Nguyen The Luong Assoc.Prof.Dr/Lecturer
7 Nguyen The Truc Dr/Vice-Head of ICED  
8 Nguyen Duy Tien Msc/Lecturer  dongco_duytien
9 Nguyen Duc Khanh Msc/Lecturer  P1050023
10 Tran Dang Quoc Dr/Lecturer  dongco_quoc
11 Nguyen Viet Thanh Lecturer