1. Study Room on Engine Design T-210


The T-210 classroom is equipped with various models, systems and parts of internal combustion engine. During the courses students learn directly observed visually and lively.

T210-2Model of engine and system:

  1. 1 cylinder engine equipped in  Honda Vision Blend
  2. 1 cylinder spark ignition engine of Honda Blend
  3. Diesel engine in car of Mercedes-Benz
  4. Gasoline engine in  Audi

2. Work shop T-110

T110-2The workshop T-110 is equipped with many simple test-beds on which students can learn how to control and operate a test. Besides the workshop provides many necessary facilities for removing, installation, maintenance and repair of internal combustion engines.

This laboratory is equipped with test system of diesel fuel-injection pump. Here, in the study process, students receive direct calibration of the diesel fuel-injection pump.

Equipment and model for study and testing

  1. Diesel engine SKODA using in vessel
  2. Port injection spark ignition engine
  3. Carburattor spark ignition engine
  4. VE diesel engine
  5. Test cell for Bosch pump

3. Testing Laboratory C7-108

C7B3The laboratory is equipped with dynamometers engine test bed. This test bed can do all experiments related to power, torque and fuel consumption of the internal combustion engine in training and research.

4. Classroom C3-309

The C3-309 classroom is equipped with various engines and systems and parts of internal combustion engine placards which are helpful for students in study.


5. Laboratory of Internal Combustion Engine

Laboratory of  Internal Combustion Engine at Hanoi University of  Science and Technology was officially opened in 2004. The total ODA investment fund from Austrian Government is approximately 5.0 million USD. It was proposed to build an advanced laboratory of internal combustion engine in Vietnam and in ASEAN countries.