Dept. of Internal Combustion Engine

Dept. of Internal Combustion Engine

General Introduction

The Department of Internal Combustion Engine was established in July 1959 with the initial name as Department of Heat Engine. Over 60 years of development, the department has achieved many good results both in education and research work. For undergraduate program, there has been thousands of engineers graduated through official full-time course and on-training courses. For graduate program, hundreds of master students has been studied and graduated, 20 PhD students have successfully defended their doctoral thesis and received diplomat under the guidances of supervisors and co-supervisors from our Department. Many of our Department alumni are taking important positions in the fields of economics, science and technology of the country.

Regarding research work, our Department has been principal investigator or participant in more than 50 scientific research projects at different levels (university, ministry or national) and technology transfer projects. In addition, we have published many textbooks, lecture notes and hundreds of scientific papers both in the domestic and international journals.

During developing process, our Department has been always upgrading professional knowledge, linking theoretical base to practice and industry. The Department staff members are all experienced, enthusiastic teachers. Now we have 2 Professor, 4 Associate Professors, 2 Doctors, 2 Masters and 1 abroad-studying for PhD.

The teaching Staff of the Department of IC Engine

Management Board

Head of Department : Assoc.Prof.Dr Khong Vu Quang
Vice Head :Dr Nguyen The Truc

Contact Info

Office : C3-311
Tel. : (+84) 243 868 0097
E-mail :STE-ICED@hust.edu.vn
Website : ste.hust.edu.vn