Research projects

Conducted projects in current years

Domestic funding projects:

  • Research on, design and manufacture control systems with the integration of object-oriented technology (MDA & RealTime UML) and navigation units (INS/GPS) for autonomous underwater vehicles, State project, KC.03.TN05/11-15, 2012.
  • Some resolution of hydrodynamical problems, State project, Code:
  • A Method of Model – Driven Architecture to develop industrial Hybrid Dynamic Systems – Application to the Automatic Ship Steering System based on determined programming, Funded by Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam, code: B2010-01-354, Completed, 2011.
  • Calculation, making and research submarine model scaled 1:5, Ministry project, Code: B2010-01-351.
  • Calculation, design and manufacturing a model of rescue boat operated in shallow water, marsh, water-plants and mosses areas, Ministry project, Code: B2009-01-291.
  • Design and manufacture dust reduced system by ejecting mix compressed air-water steam flows. Ministry of Training and Education project, several systems has been installed for coal mines in Quang Ninh province.

International co-operation projects:

  • Design and Manufacturing a Model Airboat, JICA-AUN/SEED Net project, 2010, MS: HUST-RA1101.
  • Research & Development on Mini Underwater Vehicle, JICA-AUN/SEED Net project, 2012, MS: HUST-RA1201.