Research tendencies

Main research tendencies

  • Design, fabrication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (fixed-wing, multirotor, tiltrotor,…).
  • Application and development of industrial softwares, aerospace design tools.
  • Experiment and simulation of aero-thermal characteristics of flows (subsonic, transonic, supersonic), fluid – structure interaction problems, combustion.
  • Design, fabrication of wind tunnel systems (subsonic, transonic, supersonic).
  • Design, fabrication of avionic modules.
  • Fracture mechanics, fatigue of metal alloys, composite materials.
  • Design, fabrication of small satellites, aerospace propulsion systems.

Research groups

  • Aircraft Structures and Materials Lab: Assoc.Prof.Dr  Dinh-Quy VU; Dr. Thi-Tuyet-Nhung LE
  • Computer-Aided Engineering Lab: Assoc.Prof.Dr Thi-Kim-Dung HOANG; Assoc.Prof.Dr Phu-Khanh NGUYEN
  • Aerospace Propulsion Lab: Dr. Cong-Truong DINH; Dr. Xuan-Truong LE
  • Fusion Technology and Robotics Lab: Dr. Hong-Quan LUU
  • Flight Dynamics and Control Lab: Dr. Manh-Tuan HA; Dr. Gia-Diem PHAM