Research projects

International Cooperation Projects

Name Time
Simulation-aided-aerospace engineering design methodology in Asia international network, coded 10/2014/HĐ-NĐT. 06/2014 – 05/2016
Numerical – Experimental Combined Aerospace Design Tool Development – Apply for design and manufacture UAV ejecting pesticide, coded 06/CRI 2014-2016, funded by AUN/SEED-Net 05/2014 – 03/2016
Numerical – Experimental combined aerospace design tool development, funded by AUN/SEED-Net 2011-2013

Government funded Projects 

Name Time
Study on damage modeling of steel under variable amplitude multiaxial fatigue loading, funded by National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED). 2015-2016
Code: KC.03.TN03/11-15, Contract number: 03/2011/HÐ-ÐTTN-KC.03/11-15: Study, Design and Fabrication of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle flying following a given orbit. 01/2012 – 12/2012

Projects funded by Hanoi People’s Committee

Name Time
Code: 01C-01/08-2012-2: Study, Design and Fabrication of Bead Breaker for Aircraft Maintenance. 01/2012-12/2013

Projects funded by Ministry of Education and Training

Name Time
Study, design and fabrication of a small close-cycle wind tunnel using for aero-thermodynamics studies. 2012
B2009-01-214: Research, design and fabrication of a robot for industrial pipeline handling 2008-2009

University projects

Name Time
T2014-31: Study, design and fabrication of a small tilt-rotors aircraft. 05-12/2014
T2014-126: Study, design and fabrication of coaxial octocopter. 05-12/2014
T2014-127: Study, design and testing of a parachute rescue system applied on multirotor UAV 05-12/2014
T2014-128: Development of a navigational ground station for controlling UAV and AUV. 05-12/2014
T2013-17: Design and fabrication of anti-noise box for flight control system of small UAV. 2013
T2012-27 : Study on environmentally friendly composite for the application in fabrication of aircraft model wing 2012
T2012-93 : Research and structural simulation of the pressure hull of a small submarine subjected to underwater hydrodynamic loads 2012
T2012-94 : Research and design of a solar tower model – Application for the power supply in Vietnam 2012
T2012-95 : Research and design of an unmanned aerial vehicle using solar energy 2012
T2011- : Study and Design of Flapping Wing UAV 2011
T2011- : Study and simulation of aeroelasticity of aircraft wing. 2011
T2010- : Study, Design and Fabrication of visual experimental system of deformation induced by impact. 2010
T2010- : Improvement of fire experimental apparatus C551 2010
T2010- : Application of ANSYS in resolving problems with different loading conditions 2010