I. Aerodynamic Laboratory T – 208

1. Wind tunnel

This laboratory is equipped with a subsonic wind tunnel (M = 0,1), accompanied with different measurement systems which allows performing some aerodynamic experiments. These experiments consist of:

  • Measurement of air flow velocity using a Pitot tube
  • Measurement of air flow velocity using Hot Wire Anemometers
  • Measurement of air flow velocity using Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA)
  • Measurement of lift, drag and moment using aerodynamic balance

In charge: Dr. Ha Manh Tuan

Aerodynamic Laboratory T- 208

2. C551 flame test

The laboratory is also equipped with a C551 flame test which allows studying stability properties and propagation of flame. These experiments serve in the course of “Theory of gas turbine engines”.

In charge: Dr. Ha Manh Tuan

3. Laser Engrave and Cut Machine TS1280

KTHKVT-csvc5Laser Engrave and Cut Machine TS1280

Laboratory is equipped with a very powerful Laser Engrave and Cut Machine TS1289. This machine can cut and engrave non-metallic material in form of thin plate which the thickness up to 10mm and the surface up to 1200mm x 800mm. It is very useful equipment for teaching and researches. With these equipment, the design and fabrication of rc airplane, uav is more easily and quickly.

In charge: Dr. VU Dinh Quy

II. Research Labs T-207

Computers and Library Room 206-C8

Computer room C8-206 is where students of all promotions, in particular students of final promotion, meet, discus and practice what they have learnt. This room is equipped with many very powerful computers installed some licensed software such as: ANSYS, Automation Studio, Catia …

III. Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle (BK-UAV) Club


KTHKVT-csvc8Flight test, a regular activity of UAV Club

KTHKVT-csvc9Example of RC airplane made by UAV CLUB

Here, many activities of UAV clubs of DASE takes places. With these facilities, many works of students of DASE have won high prizes of “Student Research Week of School of Transportation Engineering”.

In chargeDr. Vu Dinh Quy