Dept. of Aeronautical and space engineering

Dept. of Aeronautical and space engineering

General Introduction

Recognizing the important role of aviation for the development of the country, engineer program for Aeronautical engineering was launched in Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 1996. The first graduating class of aeronautical engineering was in 1999. The history was also marked in 1999 with the first enrollment of Excellent Engineers Training Programs in Vietnam (PFIEV). This was a cooperation project between French Government and Vietnamese Government, in which the program of Aerospace Engineering was operated in two Universities (Hanoi University of Science & Technology and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology). Diploma of Excellent Engineers Training Programs was recognized by Degree Committee of France and by the French Government for the equivalent qualification of engineers.

The launch of training programs associated with the development stages of the Department of Aeronautical and Space Engineering. The name of the Department have also changed over the period.

  • In 1996 – 1998: Department of Fluid Power and Automation
  • In 1998 – 2003: Department of Fluid Mechanics and Aeronautic Engineering (joined from the Department of Fluid Mechanics Engineering and the Department of Fluid Power and Automatic). This period is also marked with the launch of the Excellent Engineers Training Programs (PFIEV) for Aeronautical Engineering.
  • In 2003 – 2009: Department of Aeronautical Engineering and Fluid Power & Automation
  • 04/2009: Establishment of the Department of Aeronautical and Space Engineering.

        Since the establishment, although still very young, the Department of Aeronautical and Space Engineering has recorded very encouraging achievement in both training, scientific research and international cooperation. Up to 2014, there were 16 graduating classes of standard aeronautical engineer program and 11 ones of excellent engineer program, that play an important role in human resources for Vietnam Aviation (about 60% of graduated students working in the field of Aviation). In addition, approximately 10% of the graduates received scholarships for further education of master, PhD abroad. The Department has developed a complete training program includes engineer, master and PhD degrees of aeronautical engineering. Regarding scientific research, the Department has managed and organized successfully many scientific research projects at different levels (international project, government funded project, industrial cooperation project, …). The research program proposed by the Department, named “Research, design, fabrication of smart flight vehicle (UAV)”, initially achieves certain success. Regarding international cooperation, the Department has developed close relationships with many domestic and foreign organizations and enterprises such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, VAECO, AESC, Safran (France), MHI (Japan), ENSMA (France), University of Nagoya (Japan), University of ITB (Indonesia).

        The Department currently has 13 permanent staffs and 01 invited lecture, including 02 Associate Professor, 06 PhDs, 03 Masters and 03 PhD candidates abroad.

KTHKVT_bomon2010Staffs of Department of Aeronautical and Space Engineering (10/2010)

Management Board

Head of department : Dr. Vu Dinh Quy
Vice-head : Dr. Hoang Thi Kim Dung
In charge of Aeronautic PFIEV Dr. Vu Dinh Quy


Office : C8-205
Tel. : (+84)243868 2525
E-mail ased@hust.edu.vn