•  Department office: C6-205
  • Hydraulic machines laboratory: T-108
  • Research & development lab: C8-207

The Laboratory is established for purposes of training and research of the Department of Fluid Power and Automation Engineering. The Laboratory has an area of 250 m2 and is equipped with many equipment and systems and that are capable of testing hydraulic/pneumatic automation circuits, testing water pumps and turbines, investigating and designing controllers to servo hydraulic/pneumatic systems, designing and manufacturing hydraulic machines for industrial factories.  The following experimental lessons are conducted:

  • Introduction to transportation mechanical engineering
  • Hydraulic machines
  • Hydraulic transmission
  • Balding fans and pumps
  • Pneumatic automation & transmission
  • Advanced fluid mechanics
  • Using PLC in control pneumatic systems
  • Wing theory 2
  • Water turbine
  • Win turbine
  • Technical practice

The detailed list of equipment and facilities available in the Laboratory are:

Rexroth Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Circuit testing system

Supported by Rexroth manufacturer from Germany. The system includes hydraulic power, hydraulic components and pipe. Basic experimental system can be easily built by fast-connector and hydraulic components. Student can do experiment to understand how a basic hydraulic system works. Measuring and drawing performed curve of hydraulic pump.

Pneumatic experimental system

Pneumatic circuit testing system

The system consists of an air compressor with power of 15HP, flow rate of 2.5m3/min, maximum pressure of 10 bar, pneumatic tank of 0.66m3; pneumatic valves, pneumatic cylinders and motors, position/pressure switches, Programmable logic controller (PLCs) with 14 DI inputs and 10 DI outputs. The system helps students to understand how pneumatic components works, how to build a pneumatic system and how that the system operates.

Experimental system of Impeller pumps


Doing experiment with this system, student can understand how to measure and got the characteristic curve of impeller pump.

Experimental system for Water turbines 


The system includes 01 upstream tank of 35 m3 and 01 downstream tank 45 m3; 02 pumps with flow rate of 800m3/h and pressure head of 25m;  Vacuums pump 720mmHg – 25kW;  absolute pressure transducers, Flow Meter; Torque Transducers; Temperature transducers; Electronic Load 30kW; Pipe and valves; Control cabinet for turbine system; NI Compact DAQ   NI cDAQ-9139; Oscilloscope. The system helps the students to understand structures and components of a hydro power plant, and can practice on measuring the characteristics of various turbines.

Experimental system for wind turbines 


The system helps the students to understand structures and components of a wind turbine system, and can practice on measuring the characteristics of various turbines.

Servo hydraulic/pneumatic systems:


A hydraulic servo-valve with maximum flow rate of 40 l/min and maximum pressure of 25 MPa; four pneumatic proportional flow/pressure control valves with maximum flow rate of 0.025 m3/s and maximum pressure of 0.65 MPa; two hydraulic pressures sensors and two pneumatic pressure sensors; two position sensors with measured range of 300 and 1500 mm; a data acquisition card with 16 analog inputs and 02 analog outputs; a PLCs with 04 analog inputs and 02 analog outputs.