Dept. of Fluid Power & Automation Engineering

Dept. of Fluid Power & Automation Engineering

Department of Fluid Power and Automation Engineering (FPAE)

Introduction to FPAE

When HUST was established in October 15, 1956, Department of Fluid engineering was belong to a Dept. of water resources. Prof. Le Tam was the first head of our department.

In 1966, Department of Fluid engineering was built separately due to the establishment of National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE). Associate Prof. Nguyen Phuoc Hoang was the head of our department during this period (1966-1978)

From 1971 to 1972, our department was improving the difficult situation from the flood (act of God) and supporting the governmental manufacturing and fighting.

In 1977, the first 17 students were graduated in the field of Fluid engineering, among them Prof. Nguyen The Mich is now still working in our department.

In 1978, Dept. of Fluid engineering was divided into two following ones:

  • Dept. of aerodynamic fluid with the leader of Associate Prof. Nguyen Phuoc Hoang.
  • Dept. of Fluid Power and Automation Engineering (FPAE) with the leader of  Prof. Tran Van Dac.

The Dept. of FPAE is the first one training the engineers of fluid machinery for the industry of Vietnam. Until now, there are 35 courses designed for the engineers of fluid machinery engineering. Sometimes, the name of our department was slightly changed with the aim of establishing a new major, i.e.  aeronautical engineering according to the development of Vietnam Airline. As a result, 10 student courses and 5 advance engineer courses in this new major were trained before establishing a Dept. of aeronautical and space engineering at present. Nowadays, Dept. of FPAE is continuously training deeply for bachelor, master, and Ph. D. programs. In addition, we are also teaching the subjects of fluid machinery in aeronautical engineering, transportation engineering, mechatronic engineering, electric and automation system.


Head  Dr. Tran Khanh Duong
Vice head  Dr. Tran Xuan Bo

Training staff

There are 15 most important staffs who were trained mainly from PhD program in developed countries, in which there are 2 excellent teachers. FPAE have 01 professor, 05 associate professors, 05 PhDs, 03 masters, and 01 lecturer doing postdoctoral program, 01 lecturer who is joining PhD program in another country.

An image of staffs in FPAE, June 2012

Field of interest (major code: 60.52.16.)

  • Training engineers in FPAE,
  • Training engineering master, PhD in fluid machinery and equipment engineering
  • Teaching subjects of fluid engineering and fluid machineries for other majors in HUST.

Our department has a training reliability, providing high-quality human resources, design engineers, researchers in the field of fluid machinery for most industry groups, companies and enterprises of mechanical manufacture, institutes of the research and training teacher for other universities and colleges.

Facilities of FPAE

  • An office, C6 building, room No. 205.
  • Another office of research and development, C8 building, room No. 207.
  • A laboratory with professional equipment, T building, room No. 109.
  • An experimental plant, B building.

Research of interest:

Many projects from university and government have been carried out by FPAE. Research products have been applied into manufacturing industries. Some examples are given by: hydroelectric turbines and speed control in hydroelectric plants, pump systems used for industry, agriculture and water resources, transmission control and hydraulic-pneumatics automation systems used for industry assembly series, metallurgical industry, civil material manufacturing, automatic manufacturing lines, construction motorcycles, and wind turbine motors, etc.

Nowadays, the research of interest is being extended to high technology fields such as biomedical technology, material engineering, fluid systems from macro-scales to micro-scales, hydraulic control systems with high accuracy, computational fluid engineering (CFD) in the related fields, hydro-electric control with embedded programming, immersed technology for the exploitation of sea resource, etc

International cooperation

Staffs and graduated students from FPAE have many opportunities to do the research works and study in good universities all over the world. It is as an example:

– Japan:  Tohoku university, Osaka university, Toyohashi university, Nagaoka university, Ritsumeikan university, etc

– South Korea: Changwon national university, Yeungnam university, Mokpo university, Seoul university of Science and Technology, etc

– Singapore: National university of Singapore, Nanyang technological university

– Taiwan: National Taiwan university, Huayei university, etc

– Euro: University of Göttingen, Leibniz University Hannover (Germany), Grenoble Institute of Technology (France)

– Australia: Griffith university

University network:

ASEAN University Network/Southeast Asia Engineering Education Development Network (AUN/Seed-Net)

South East Asian Technical University Consortium (SEATUC)

Contact information:

Address C6 building, room No. 205
Tel/ Fax +84 (024) 3869 2984/ +84 (024) 3869 2984
E-mail STE-FPAE@hust.edu.vn