• Automobile Experimental Lab. (C7B)

This Lab serves for the automotive dynamics experiments and diagnostic status of automobile.

Brake Dynamometer: perform all experiments measuring the braking force and bias braking force between the wheels of the automobiles, which has load less than 2.5 tons.

OBD-II diagnostic device: read error and access to the electronic control system of automobile equipped with diagnostic connector OBD-I and OBD-II.

  • Automotive Electric and Electronics Lab. (C3-304):

This Lab serves for the experiments and practices of electrical and electronic systems in the car.

Dynamometer generator system and electrical regulator: perform experiments to determine the characteristics of the generator and electrical regulator on automobiles.

Dynamometer brake system ABS with 1/2 car model: used for research, development and evaluation of the operation of the ABS braking system controller.

Automatic gear-box models: used to study and learn the mode of operation as well as electrical and hydraulic control of the automatic gear-box.

In addition the laboratory was also equipped some measuring devices as well as fundamental circuit KIT for research and development of automotive mechatronic systems.

  • Applied Informatics in Automotive Engineering Lab. (C3-305)

The laboratory was equipped computers and specialized software for application the modern computing technology in automotive design and calculation.

  • Library

Storage of textbooks, reference books and documents for professional service of teaching, learning and researching of teachers and students in the department.

  • Practical room on automotive structure. (107-T,207-T)

This is a practice structure room with modern equipment produced by Italian, which serves very effectively for the subject “Automotive Structure”. The equipment of the room is including the overall structure of the modern automobile, the model structure of clusters, systems in the automobile as engine, fuel system, electrical and electronic systems, gearbox, clutch, axles, steering system, brake system… Especially there are practices on modern devices such as: equipment for simulation operation of the ABS system, the control system electronic fuel injection …and could connected to the computer for implementation assessment tests of students in specialized programs have been installed

  • Practice room. (C7B)

New practice room was built at C7B, equipped all components, systems of automobile with full option instruments for removable, adjustment and repair. Here, allows students to operateequipment for repair and removable auto-parts, under the direct guidance of the teacher.

  • Specialized classroom. (C7B)

Classroomwas equipped with teaching devices and models for 50 students / 01 class