Trong Hoan NGUYEN


Full Name: Trong Hoan NGUYEN
Title: Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Date of birth:1958
Position: Asoc. professor, Senior Lecturer
Tel.: +842438692508
Email: hoan.nguyentrong@hust.edu.vn

1. Courses taught

  • Design and calculation of automobile
  • Automotive Transmissions
  • Machine and transmission hydraulics
  • Automobile diagnostic
  • Automobile tests and experiments
  • Dynamics of hdraulic and pneumatic systems on vehicles

2. Fields of interest

  • Vehicle Dynamics and Control
  • Modelling and Simualtion
  • Automobile aerodynamics
  • Vibration and Noise

3. Education

Degree Year of graduation Field and university
Doctor 1994 Mechamics/Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
Master 1990 Mechanics/ Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble
Engineer/Bachelor 1982 Automotive engineering/Institut National Polytechnic of  Minsk

4. Brief research background and working experiences

  • From 1982 to  1989: Lecturer, Automobile department, HUT
  • From 1989 to 1994: PhD student, Polytechnical University of Grenoble, France.
  • From 1994 to 2006: Lecturer, Automobile department, HUT;
  • From 2006: Lecturer at Deparment of Automotive Engineering, Institue of Transportation Engineering, HUT.

5. Remarkable scientific projects

  • Study method to assess dynamic property of BELAZ-540A applying torque converter made in Hongai mechanical factory. Scientific project at HUT, 1997.
  • To build software for calculation of chasiss-frame of buses assembled in member of Vietnam Automotive Corporation. Scientific project at Ministry of Education and Trainning. 2003 – 2005.
  • To build software for verifying design of brake system based on ECE R13. Scientific project at HUT, 2006.
  • Research aerodynamic optimization of passenger car, produced in Vietnam. Chair, execution time: 2009-2010.
  • Research, design prototype ABS system of pneumatic brake systems for cars, produced and assembled in Vietnam. Participants, duration: 2012 – 2013.

6. Published Books

  • Nguyen Khac Trai, Nguyen Trong Hoan, oồ Huu Hai, Nguyen Van Chuong, Pham Huy Huong, Trinh Minh Hoang: Structure of Automobile. HUST,  2009.
  • Nguyen Trong Hoan: Automatic Transmissions. Vietnam Education Publishing House Limited Company, 2014.
  • [3] Nguyen Trong Hoan, Nguyen Khac Tuan: Automotive Transmission Systems. Vietnam Education Publishing House Limited Company, 2018.
  • [4] Nguyen Trong Hoan: Design and calculation of automobile. Vietnam Education Publishing House Limited Company, 2019.

7. Remarkable Published Papers

  1. P. Franc, J.M. Michel, Hoan Nguyen Trong: “An Experimental Investigation of Scale Effects in Cavitation Erosion”. Third International Symposium on Cavitation, Cambridge, U.K., 9-11 Dec 1992.
  2. P. Franc, J.M. Michel, Hoan Nguyen Trong, A. Karimi: “From pressure pulse measurements to mass loss prediction: the analysis of a method”. Second International Symposium on Cavitation, Tokyo, 5-7 April 1994.
  3. Nguyen Phu Vinh, Nguyen Trong Hoan, Pham Vy: Study automaticaly regulated hydrostatic transmission system on EO-3323. ICAT’96 Proceedings.
  4. Nguyen Trong Hoan: Calculation time of respond in pneumatic braking system on trailer-struck. ICAT proceedungs, 10/1999.
  5.  Nguyen Trong Hoan, Duong Ngoc Khanh: Study stability of hydraulic powered steering system of automobile. ICAT 2002 PROCEEDINGS
  6. Nguyen Trong Hoan: Simulation and calculation maximal load on automobile transmission system. Magazin of Industry, No. 6, 2004
  7. Nguyen Trong Hoan: “Investigation of the brake process with adjustment of the brake force between axles of the N3 truck based on ECE standard”. International Conference on Automotive Technology for Vietnam 22 – 24/10/ 2005 (ICAT 2005).
  8.  Nguyen Trong Hoan, Tran Van Nghia, Trinh Minh Hoang: “To disign Software Calculating the Strength of Frame Buses”. ICAT 2005.
  9. Nguyen Trong Hoan, Ho Huu Hai, Phung Anh Nam, Lai Nang Vu: “The Study and Development of Vehicle ABS ECU”. The 15 th Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference. Hanoi, October 26 -28, 2009.
  10. To Hoang Tung, Nguyen Trong Hoan, Ho Huu Hai: “Using FLUENT to Simulate the Air-flow Around Body of Coach Manufactured in Vietnam”. The 15 th Asia Pacific Automotive Engineering Conference. Hanoi, October 26 -28, 2009.
  11. LE Van Nghia, KUSIAK Viktor Anatolievich and NGUYEN Trong Hoan: “A research on start-up clutch control for AMT with AMESim platform. The 2nd National Conference on Mechanical Engineering and Automation. October 7-8, 2016, Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
  12. Do Tien Quyet, Nguyen Trong Hoan, Trinh Minh Hoang: “Study on Computation of Aerodynamic Force Acting on Bus in Crosswind Conditions by Using CFD”. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Fluid Machinery and Automation Systems ICFMAS2018.

8. Master Students

  • Le Anh Tuan: Study the side slip of the rear axle whels of truck when turning.
  • Bui Quang Son: Research on relationship between acting force and friction torque in automotive drum brake.

9. PhD Students

  • Truong Dang Viet Thang: Studying and evaluating the durability of semi-trailer frames assembled in Vietnam.
  • Do Tien Quyet: Study the influence of aerodynamic forces on the stability of the long-distance coaches.